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Fantasy Football Concept


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I have been working on this concept for some time. I am generally pleased with the package but I would like to get an outside perspective from this well respected community. Good and bad, let me hear it.



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No complaints on the uniforms. On the wordmark, I think a simple red, white, and blue scheme will work just fine. No need with that extra shade of red, unless you're trying to give the stripes a 3D look. If you are, it needs an adjustment of some sort, because it look like it's flat. I think that just one shade of red will do the job just as effectively, less is more in this case.

I'm not really feeling the secondary. The middle prong just doesn't mesh well with the "A." I think part of it is the fact that it sticks out of the top of the hole. If you can get it to blend into the "A" it'll be better. And again, I think that the 3D effect is a bit much. Your primary logo is 2D, perhaps all the logos should be 2D. Just a suggestion.

Overall, this is a pretty solid concept. Well executed and pleasantly presented.

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IDEA: It's different. I'll give you that.

COLORS: Not sure about the 2-tone red. Everything else is fairly simple - white, blue, gray. So why go with 2 reds?

PRIMARY LOGO: Love it. Nothing needs to be said.

SECONDARY LOGO: I agree with epiphanic - it's not working, and I think he's right as to why. From the perspective, it looks like the vector of the red arrow is not the same as the blue "A" at the top of the letter/tail of the arrow, but by the bottom of the logo, they're aligned 3-dimensionally. Using physics, this would be impossible for a straight arrow to transect a 2-D figure at one point, then align with that same planar object near the point of transection. It gives me the feeling of looking at an optical illusion, which is going to bother more people than it would intrigue.

UNIFORMS/HELMET: Helmet's fine. The uniforms need some work, though.

1. The numeral font could be thicker, and I don't like the choice of font. It's a horizontally compressed font, which will make it hard to put double digit numbers on there without "1"s, like #88. The "1" in Eurostile occupies a wide area; imagine a full-width number. The numbers will be invading the armpits.

2. 3 jerseys is excessive but not totally abominable. But 3 sets of pants? White AND gray? Why? Especially if you're going to pair white WITH gray.

3. Going with contrast color sleeves is OK, but there needs to be something in that space. Contrast coloring draws the eye to the sleeves, but there's just an empty space. No TV number, no logo... nada. So, why are you drawing the viewer's eye to a blank spot? If you want us looking there, give us a reason beyond empty cloth.

That's all I've got; I like it, but I think I could like it even more with some tweaking.

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This is exactly the type of feedback I was looking for. Thanks! You have confirmed some of my concerns with the set (issues with the secondary) and pointed out some other good ideas (e.g., work on the unis). I will try to do some tweaking shortly. Keep the feedback coming.

By the way, the team is named after a city in Utah called American Fork.

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OK, I thought knowing the team name story would help. Not so much. Anyway, I'm not a fan of the trident logo. I was thinking maybe have an A with a bifurcated fork creating the inside of the letter. Have that on a circle of red. Trimming the red circle, you could have a blue band with stars in it.

I think you need to have something on the sleeves, either striping or a secondary logo. Just don't use the logo you have. I don't think it works well. Maybe a logo of something associated with the region.

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