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Capitals, Leafs, and Cunucks Concepts

Colorado Avalanche

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OK I am doing logo ideas for the NHL teams and these are the ones that are done.

Capitals-- I was thinking of doing an eagle flying by in Red and Blue. I wanted to fade it away as it goes left to right to show speed yet I do not no how to. If someone could tell me it would be great.


Leafs-- I put the CN Tower inside of the blue maple leaf witch team Canada wears but it's not blue. Orignaly I used Red outside the maple leaf. That dident work so I went with the alt. logo silver and white.


Cunucks-- I made the vintage logo but not the C I made a V. Should I have made the white line inside a hockey stick?


C&C Welcome

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The thing here is, I don't know where ther to cut you a lot of slack deu to paint AND your first time, or tell you straight up. The only thing that I would see anyone reworking is the the Maple leafs, The caps logo would be almost an exact copy of the Panthers color scheme, Vancouver would only revert back to the c. But the Leafs, I think if it was reworked, it could look quite nice. Good job on the first try

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I defiantly think your on to something here man.

being someone who's only made a couple of logos in paint myself I know at first it's not easy.

Here's what I was told that really helped me out.

Go and looks at pics of objects that are similar to what your trying to create, and try to make a copy of them. As you strive for that you'll notice how things start to clean up nicely.

Just keep plugging away man, you'll get there

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Not really feeling the caps one and the canucks one is kinda too simple for them. I doesn't can Canucks to me. The leafs one would probably end up being the best but I still dont think that they would put the CN tower in their logo. Good Ideas though.

"Cat Eyes" - Josh

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