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advertising, when will it stops?

Le Québécois

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When you go see a sporting event, it's incredible to see the amount of publicity there is in the arena/stadium. In the 80's, the NHL ice rink boards where white. Then they put ads on them. But, the ice was still white. Then, some genious thought about selling ice parts to put publicity on them like in Europe.


When you go see a Montreal Canadiens hockey game, just before the face-off, the announcer tells you:

"This face-off is brought to you by Weston, the freshest bread on the market"


And then, when they score a goal, you can hear a loud train horn and guess what, they put a VIA RAIL ad on the scoreboard's video screen saying "THIS GOAL IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY VIA RAIL....

No assh*les, this goal is brought to me by the GUY WHO SCORED IT !!!

Anyway, the more I think about this, the more I realise that we are not too far from this concept...

soooooo sad!


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I watched a QMJHL game on TV and I was shocked at all the sponsors! They even had them on the posts!


Advertising on the posts I can handle, they could put ads on the seats for all I care, but DO NOT PUT THEM ON OUR JERSEYS! Nothing looks worse than international play when the Canadian team has a big Skoda sticker on the side of their helmet! YUCK!

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The QMJHL has ads almost everywhere EXCEPT the uniforms, which is all I'm concerned with.

Although I can't stand it at the Screaming Eagles games when I hear "Last minute of play brought to you by Aliant...Here for you!"

--Roger "Time?" Clemente.

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Some AHL teams have ad patches on both sides of the sweater on the front...I hope NHL doesnt get this.

Then where would the 'C' and the 'A' go?

What team does this?

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The Bulldogs have a Pepsi patch on one side and a McDonalds logo on the other..its small and it goes above the "C" and "A"...well they use to have these, not sure about now.

I have looked at the Bulldogs pics from 04/05, 05/06 and this year and didn't see what your talking about

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Minor leagues and European teams are not as prosperous as their NHL counterparts. These teams require obnoxious amounts of advertising to keep them afloat.

Yes, it's incredibly ugly. But it pays the bills, and allows the teams to exist.

You just get used to it.

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the ads on uniforms are bad enough, but we've had them front and centre for years in britain.

the one i think is the worst by far is the sponsered stadium name, which is only starting over here. every time i hear "pepsi centre" or "reebok stadium" i cringe and think of the start of BASEketball, Maxi Tampon Stadium.

Inspiring stuff?

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