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Pittsburgh penguins jersey ideas

Roger Clemente

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I made a couple of Penguins jerseys.

The first one is based on the road jersey they had in 1993.  Copy and paste:


This one is a combo of what they've got now with some blue tossed in. Copy and paste:


And if anyone wants to make their own jersey using the the penguin with blue, you can use this file (copy and paste):

http://www.geocities.com/rogerclemente_isx/penguinonblue.gif  I'd really like to see some because I had a hell of a time just coming up with the one I have.

--Roger "Time?" Clemente.

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I really like the second one.  I think it would look really sharp as a white sweater, too.  And have you given any consideration to doing up a white version of #1 since the NHL is going back to white on the road next season?  As always, Roger, your work is very good.
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I really like that first one, the '93 style with Vegas gold.  Pretty sharp!  I'd like to see a white variation of that, too...  As for the one with blue highlights, I'm not sure.  I'm not jumping up and down saying "yes!", but I'm not against it either.

I haven't used the modified crests yet, but I did do a blue Penguins in their current style over the summer.  I posted it on the old board, and you commented on it.  But for the newbies over here, click here if you'd like to check it out.

Actually, it's not exactly like the current sweaters.  The shoulders are a throwback to a previous blue/white style.  But other than that, it's close.

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OK, Just to preface this, all of the pen's designs I am showing on this post came from the same basic design, just fooled with color combos in the striping, etc.

I'm also going to post links to some of my other designs, and I'm hoping to have a geocities site up by the end of the weekend with all of my designs, some of which need to be converted and then uploaded.  As always cut and paste.

Comments and criticism is welcome and expected.








And the others...

http://www.geocities.com/ey246/hw.jpg (Note: there is a patch design on here that is NOT mine, and I'm sorry I forget who's it was.  So with apologies to the designer, it was added to this jersey.)




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I'm not a big fan of the blue in the Pens jerseys, and I think it looks really bad with the black and gold. Just a bad color combo. If anything, you'd have to do it in all blue like Frylock's design. Oh, and on those concepts of Bombskwad, that whole Predators alternate logo with the skulls really freaks me out. I think that gold alternate jersey they have is the ugliest in the NHL. Then again, I don't really consider them or the Blue Jackets real hockey teams...
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