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Lacrosse Concept


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bucco B's concept for his football players in my opinion, is amazing, so I thought I would make a lacrosse template in the way he did.

I only have one player so far, and Google didn't really help me out with finding any "action" pictures from the backside of the players, but I'm still looking.

Anyways, he're my concept for the MLL team: Long Island Lizards


Next up: either adding a backside view of the jersey to this, or the Denver Outlaws

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don't know much about lax uni's, but the left arm of the player really covers a good deal of the jersey, and a part that seems like it would be a prime location for a logo or wordmark (could be wrong, though) - if this is indeed an area that usually gets a wordmark or logo treatment, i'd suggest using a pose that doesn't cover this area up (maybe make the guy have his left arm extended as though to ward off a defender?) - the beauty of bucco b's football templates is that they are SO life-like, yet show off ALL aspects of the uniform...this does not seem to accomplish the latter, but it's very nice otherwise

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Leggman, I can totally see where you are coming from, and yes, that is a prime spot for a logo, and I see where you are coming from, I just thought the pose was cool...I have another picture that i'm going to do, and now that k2bf gave me a good picture, i'll add that to the picture.

thanks for the c&c, though...i appreciate it.

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