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VB Basketball

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I was inspired by the Softdrink Baseball thread.

Basically all I did was took the logo and modified it for the back and what I believe is a somewhat classy basketball shorts.

I know the fonts on the back (number and name) are not 100% close to the VB font, but they are close to it.

I didn't think I should add much more to the jersey as I thought the green with gold trim was a simple and classy look.

Thoughts fellas?


I haven't done baseball concepts in a while, as I discovered I don't have a template for it at the moment. So I might come up with a baseball concept tomorrow.

Interested as to what you guys think of this one.

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I dig it, it's simple and classy. With the logo that big on the shirt you did a good thing by keeping the design to a minimum, but good stuff. Maybe a thick gold stripe on the shorts would look cool.

Am am with you on some aspects of this board though, its a cool place but seems like more of a popularity contest to get some decent crit around here. Some of the comments I get are great and very constructive, the others make no sense what so ever

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I agree it looks a little rugbyish...but then again alot of international basketball teams jerseys do look rugbyish, but I love these- I love how you incorporated the logo into the number that has to be the best part of the concept

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It's far from rugby-ish at all. It's more for a pub league or merchandise than for a proper team, hence the no number on the front. I got the idea for this from North Carolina which last i checked (a 1992 michael jordan basketball card) they have North arched over the top and Carolina arched underneath.

oasischristx, i understand a lot and there are others i know that feel the same way, many don't post most of their stuff (i don't post all of my stuff), because they know they wont get any comments or help.

Why does your country make them look like rugby jerseys?

Rugby jerseys have sleeves last i checked. Rugby jerseys usually have no writing on them apart from the sponsor and logos on the breasts.

So not sure where the comparison to a rugby jersey comes from.

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Yeah!!! I was hoping that VB stood for Victoria Bitter. This is a horribly awesome concept. I would order one in a heartbeat as my drinking shirt if they made these. Thumbs up my friend.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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