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Wow, it's the Aussie Tiger again


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Check it out...is this logo clip art? ......... it keeps cropping up again and again


No, it's the Wests Tigers Rugby League team from Sydney, which is a Pro team in the NRL (National Rugby League)


Certainly not clip art, and teams are certainly not allowed to just take it and use it as their own.

The West Tigers will be contacting them soon.

But they're pretty good about it, usually they just ask for a small percentage of the revenue.

But as logos go, it's pretty cool.

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I've always felt that the Wests wordmark doesn't match the logo that well. But it is one of the better logos in Australian sports.

The problem is that as a joint venture of Balmain Tigers and Wests Magpies clubs the team needs to give equal prominence to "Wests" and "Tigers" in the wordmark which makes things harder for a designer.

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What other teams are using this logo?

Junior hockey as well


Minor hockey teams "borrowing" logos never bothered me, hopefully these guys know that that's what they're doing.

I would hate for a minor league club to get ripped off for a few "Bordens" by an unscrupulus wannabe designer...

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