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islanders logo concept


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Okay...so i'm really new to this whole graphic design thing, in fact...all i know how to use is MSPaint---so be kind.

Anyways, I was driving on the Northern Pkwy on Long Island when i realized the design on the exit signs form an L which gave me (what i think to be) a pretty cool idea. Now i didn't get my idea out exactly as it was in my head, but maybe someone with skill can spruse it up a tad?

Let me know what you think.


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moved to the correct forum...

as a sports team logo, i'm not sure i like it. it's shaped a little awkwardly to be placed anywhere on a uniform...

that said, if you were to use this logo on the left side of a fansite header, in a cleaned up form, it could be a pretty cool unique little website logo.

just my opinion.

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It's hard to make out the logo. It seems like you have a skyline or something spreading itself into the tip of Long Island. It just looks overall confusing with that element added. If I was you, I would restrict the skyline just to the main part, or 'thicker' part of the Island only.

Good idea though with the light house on the Island.

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