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Baby Bombers


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Since i cant mess with the New York Yankees, i figure ill dabble with the minor league affiliate, the next best thing. Nothing groundbreaking, just a simple clean concept

First off, of course you can mess with the Yankees. The Yankees uniforms really aren't perfect -- I guarantee that if you identify the basic design characteristics of the Yankees uniforms and apply them to a concept for any other team, you'll get ripped to shreds with criticism for your uninspired, boring choices. "Needs more outlines," people will say. "Make your logos match." "You can't mix pinstripes and sleeve edging." "Try a custom font instead of generic sans-serif lettering." Et cetera. Even the Yankees can be improved, so give it a try if you want to and just ignore anyone who tells you you're touching the untouchable.

As to this concept, I think you've really nailed exactly how this team ought to look. This is just distinctive enough to give the team its own identity, but you've so completely maintained the aesthetic language of the Yankees that the merchandise can speak to Yankees fans. I mean, if I didn't regard the Yankees organization as possibly the most evil force in the universe after anti-gravitational dark energy, I would totally want one of those home jerseys. Were I a Yankees fan, a pinstriped jersey with the beautiful old Yankees script across it would have to be my official wearing-to-the-game-or-even-just-sitting-on-the-couch-watching-the-game shirt. I would go to a Staten Island game just to go to the team store and buy one of the home jerseys. Which, I think, is pretty much the ideal fan response for this particular team.

The cap logo doesn't quite work for me. Right general letter shapes, right arrangement. But the serifs are just a bit too strong and off-the-shelf. Narrow the serifs a bit, so it's more like the letters get thicker at either end than that they've got extra pieces stuck on at an angle, and you'll have letters that look like they belong to the same alphabet as the Yankees' Tiffany NY logo.

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