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The Alternative Rugby Commentary


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so im in the middle of producing a series of promos for a mates 'alternative rugby commentary' and i thought id share a little of what i do in real life with the board.

i do the odd concept here and there on the board and maybe some people will know me a bit from that. but out in the real world im a motion graphic designer and animator. ive been lucky enough to work with lots of great clients like nickelodeon, playstation, mtv and more. however in my spare time i do stuff thats a bit less serious and id like to see what you guys thought.

right a quick explanation:

my mate jed, is a bit of a rugby personality in new zealand, hes a former player and now a well known writer and the official podcaster of the new zealand all blacks, the national team.

im sure you can all appreciate how poor much of the tv commentary is these days and so jed decided to do something about it. he now gives his own call to televised matches live in bars and simultaneously to the world over the internet.

where i come in, is that i have produced a series of video shorts giving the global world a taste of jeds comedy style through little promo videos, each relating to the upcoming games. have a look and see what you think.

some of the references may be a touch antipodean for american ears but im sure youll get the jist.

let me know what you think



Alternative Rugby Commentary - The Tri Nations Part II

The Alternative Rugby Commentary Official Site

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Us Canadians get offended? pssh...no such thing. Ever.

actually, they played :censored:ing well. i was really impressed. theyve taken a couple of pumpings from the abs since 1991 when they put up a fantastic performance, but they really turned up and certainly didnt disgrace themselves. they were only 19-13 down just before half time.

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