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Personally, I'm stuck between A & C. I'm going to change the cuffs of the sleeves to curve the way the arm strips do, so it's more congruent and I'm debating whether I should lose the bottom striping and extend the color panel and if I do that if I should just have the striping die out the way it does now, or just extend along to the bottom.

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I like B the best and I'd much rather see a white and orange version of it than a white and black.

I meant I am going to make a primarily white and primarily black version (two different jerseys, not a black and white. sorry about the confusion) :P
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I'd go with A, what about B with black shoulders?

I was stuck at the shoulders trying to figure out what bugged me, and THAT's IT...

The shape is reminiscent of a collared shirt... somewhat golf/polo.

As for the underarm 2-colour effect, it's catchy, unique, it may gro on me...

Players would definitely look more svelt in the B option...

Personally, I like that you stuck to Orange as their primary colour, not black.

I have to say... I think C is growing on me... The shoulders are still bothering me a bit, can't offer a way to improve it 'though...

How about modifying the shape of the outline so it's not symetrical to the interior part, similar to the underarm inset shapes.

Most of the lines are curves, and the straight line of the shoulder breaks it up...

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Of all the Flyers concepts I've seen posted on this site - I really like the jersey design, as per the pattern under the arms that rise up like wings.

Very good concept. You've kept the traditional scheme of the Flyers and added your own touch. "C" is my favorite of the three. Very well done!! :)

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