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New Saints pants?


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Oddly, I've come to like the Saints' black monos - from the neck down at least. The gold numbers and logos look great on the black, but any helmet seems out of place when its primary color doesn't match the jersey or pants. It would be better if the shade of gold on the helmet matched that on the numbers but as it is...no.

(Members of forum start shaking their heads and praying, "No, please, not him ranting about the Saints' mismatched golds again.") B)

I smell another mis-matching colors thread....

No, this time I think I'll dedicate an entire site to that fascinating subject. <_<

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I think I have figured this out somehow EA has managed to flip the stripes on the pants around as in the gold pants are missing stripes and the black pants have the stripe. EA is full of morons apparently when they had everything right for the Saints pants last year I believe.

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The hatred for the leotard look is from the fact it just does'nt look like an NFL team. It is a a college thing. You know we are going to intimidate you because we are in all black and our fans are all wearing black blah, blah, blah. The Rams have no stripes on their gold pants and I think they look fine. It is not about having no stripes on the pants. The fact is that players today think that it looks cool to wear all one color and the fact that teams actually let them make those decisions even when it clearly looks like :censored: is their own fault . So we here must deal with it. So instead of railing against it like I used to I have come to accept it as something we will look back on and say remember when they used to wear all one color (monochrome) unis and laugh about it.

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