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Random Team Re-design No4


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Ok, this might seem abit hot on the heels of my Dayton Bombers concept, but I was waiting for the kits to be finished on this before I posted it. I actually did the logo before I even started the Bombers. Let me explain...

There is another forum I go on which is pretty much exclusive to football (soccer). Some of the guys there do these 'R'07' kits, so I wanted them to do one for the Cosmos. (I wanted a more professional look, ya see) Also, seeing as the MLS all wear Adidas I wanted one of the current Adidas designs for the kit. So, credit for the kits goes to PurpleDragon from the COF forum. :D (im not sure why he put yellow trim on it....but this took a week for someone to do it so I gratefully accepted this version)

The logo itself...the football is supposed to be 'shooting' from New York, or as close as I could get on this scale. The area with the Stars in forms a 'C', and the football is the exact one from the Cosmos original logo. I tried to get a fitting wordmark and I think Ive done that. Not a major concept really, but then with football I think too many logos spoil the broth. Or something.....




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I love the script and the primary. If you could eleminate the white part between the 'C' and the Earth it would improve.

The jersey's are alright. I know you didn't do the kits, but the yellow is just there without it being in the logo set. Rather than modifying the logo to add yellow (which you could do), I'd like to see you design your own kits to complete the set.

Great work.

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