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Carolina Hurricanes Concept


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For my Canes concept I tried to just add more black to all the jerseys. Their current one had too much red in there, so I wanted to tone that down.

For the road and home the bottom stripes are supposed to be curves. They are supposed to be like a hurricanes sorta, even though they don't actually look like it. That's what I tried to attempt anyways. The sleeves have a different pattern to the current jerseys they have, even though they look alike. I added the hurricane flags there too, but didn't want to add too much or else it might look too gaudy.

For the pants all I did was make it black and add the hurricane flags going down too..

For the alt, well let's just say that it might look familiar. Oh and the hurricane flags on this jersey compared to the other ones are different, I just wanted to change it up a bit.




C&C please ^_^

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They are all soo good! I like how you kept the pattern on the jersey, and I like it better there then at the bottom of the jersey.

As for the alternate logo, I have always wanted to see that on a alternate jersey, and the way you did it is perfect. The colors of black looks sweet and I can picture Stall wearing that.

One thing I don't like is the pattern on the pants, but I guess i could get used to it.

I can't wait until you do the Stars!

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I think there's an excess of hurricane flags on these jerseys: they just look way too busy. While I like the third the best, that's probably because of the straight lines and such. The dip on the home and away is also distracting. I would suggest straightening out those lines.

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