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ok... so I'm working on a logo for a team... my first original one and I'm kinda stumped... here is what I have so far for my Las Vegas Cagefighters logo:


I was using a source in a UFC picture as the best available thing for cage fighters source....

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nice, the iceman rules...

definitely work on some hands, but that takes time, especially with Paint.

but im looking forward to the finished product...its a cool idea.

it's actually photoshop... and I'm just wonderign if y'all have any ideas to make it better...

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I'd lose the mohawk because I'm sure the UFC would love to put some pressure on you for some sort of copyright infringement since it looks like Chuck. :)

Looks promising though so far.

well, I'm not looking to sell it... I'm just makign a concept.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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