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Well, I haven't posted many concepts in this section lately, because I have been doing logos for fantasy teams on here. I am getting my first car, and it is a 2000 Mercury Cougar. I was bored, so I tried drawing a cougar logo. I didn't try to make it as a car logo, it is more of a football logo. This is what came of it. I really don't have a use for it, I was just doing it for fun. Something about the mouth doesn't look quite right, but I can't seem to figure out exactly what it is. Your C+C is greatly appreciated.


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I'd like it a lot more if you defined the jaw a little more, right now its great the shape of the head and all, but the teeth...they just kinda float there, a shadow to outline the jaw would be wicked.

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Looks great! 3 quick things though....

1- You need to make the eye bigger.

2- You need to redraw the teeth. Try drawing the canines in the opposite direction...

3- Smooth the new shadow line from the ear to the jaw, that way you have smooth skin showing, with the bushy fur in the shadows....

Sorry about the briefness! I just wanted this to you. Keep up the good work!


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