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Colorado Springs Sky Sox black alternate


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The Sky Sox went to a white home jersey a couple years ago, so I tried to bring back some black to the Sox. I created the sock logo on the cap (which is something the Sky Sox have never had, I'm pretty sure), and went with the script logo in the place where their normall interlocking CS logo would be.


C&C please, more than last time, I only had one with my black Rockies attempt...

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A ) Have you ever seen a pro team (at least in MLB, AAA - A) in the modern-era with a contrasting button-placket? No? There's a reason for that.

B ) Have you seen many (if any) teams go with dark sanis and contrasting dark stirrups? Again, No? Again, there's a reason for that.

C) This isn't as egregious an offense, but the overwelming majority of teams don't use straight "football style" nameplates. Get some radially-arced or vertically arched (hope I used the terms right) letters in there.

D) White belt loops on a gray pant? Doesn't look good, and would be tough to produce.

E) "Sky Sox" is a little much to put on one breast. Maybe go with a monogram, or put the script across the whole front.

F) The super-thick sleeve stripes make this look like it wants to be a pullover softball jersey.

Keep at it. Try to imagine what your concept would look like if it was actually real. I'm not sure how any team could adopt a uniform with these... "features." Make some revisions and re-post. You could still make it good.

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