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There was a post about favorite shows set in NYC. I started thinking about shows I have seen from the past that were not set in the largest cities, but not set in the sticks either. So big cities other than New York, Boston, Philly, D.C., Atlanta, Miami, Dallas, Cleveland, Chicago, L.A., S.F. & Seattle. I'm not thinking of obvious shows with the cities in the title (WKRP for example), but actual "smaller market" U.S. cities that still were home to some memorable shows.

Cities & shows I remember:

Indianapolis - One Day at a Time

Phoenix - Alice

Providence - Doctor Doctor

Sacramento - Benson

SW Connecticut (Westport?) - Who's the Boss

Milwaukee - Laverne & Shirley, Happy Days

Minneapolis - Mary Tyler Moore

San Diego - That 80s Show

Las Vegas - Nikki

I'm sure there are many others, plus my term of "smaller market" is subjective, but whatelseyagot?

Cicely Alaska from Northern Exposure doesn't count...it's made up. And I'm not looking for general regions, like northern NJ for Sopranos. I have SW Conn. for Who's the boss cuz i can't remember the actual city.

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North Caldwell, Montclair, Belleville, Bloomfield :D (My hometown), Newark, Verona, West Orange, Paramus, Wayne, Pasaic, Kearney, and Jersey City Just a few Sopranos locales mentioned or seen in the show
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The only ones I can remember for St. Louis were the short-lived John Laroquette Show and the even shorter lived David Hartman series "Lucas Tanner".  

Hannibal, Missouri was the setting for the Colonel Potter segments of "AfterMASH."

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There was a sitcom on CBS called "The Two Of Us" that ran in the mid 1980's, and I fondly remember one of the characters mentioning that the were going to be in Nyack for the weekend.

Another TV show that was in the mid 1980's that was on American TV was an CBC export called "Hanging In" (You might rememer that show, Chris). It took place in the Toronto area, as did "King Of Kensington", which ran on TV in the USA for awhiole in the late 1970's.

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Actually, "Benson" was set in Hartford. Both "Soap" and its spinoff, "Benson", take place in Connecticut.

I'm pretty sure Benson was Sacremento. Benson went to go work for the governor of California. There was a character on the show, a Senator Hartford.

I have been checking online, but I think the name of the state may have been made intentionally anonymous. I thought I saw one time that the Governor was in California. It was spun off from Soap, which I guess was Connecticut, but since it was a cousin, it could be any state.

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