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My site Update


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Ok guys. My sent is undergoing a HUGE update.

Basically my mission is to have a one stop source for everything NBA.

I have changed the design, but more importantly, added more logos.

Currently the update is not complete. But shortly it will be. I encourage everyone to stay tuned, updates are happening every hour.

I want to know what you have to say.





Oh btw, I just want to let everyone know, that I do accept C&C. But please be thoughtful, I don't want something like, your site sucks!

Before you post something, keep in mind:

- I am only 15 (Not an excuse) just know that I haven't had any real learning. Just self taught stuff. A lot i learned from this board, from tutorials aswell.

- My web site skills are minimal. I am learning to make tables, coding html, overall design. This is really just a start for me.

So maybe some designer out there could give me a few pointers. I doubt i'll change the site right away, but i'll keep it in mind for next time.

Hopefully in the future I can produce better sites. But for now, this is all I have to offer.



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I like it... I like it A LOT...

Clean & Simple...

Love the blue backgroung, love the Banner, love the buttons...

As someone who needs to acces Architects' websites on a regular basis at work, I will beg you to stay "Flash" free...

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ahah, Yah, you're right.

Damn! How did I not see that...

13 of them. I won't change the navigation or the banner. But I can get rid of the other 4, do you think it's worth it? Will 4 less make it seem less of an overkill.


I didn't mind the logos on the navigation or the banner.

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haha, well i'll change it then.

I just gotta get all the team pages finished. Then update the NBA logos, then add other pages.

So like I said, I was gonna wait till it was all finished. But... I got too excited so decided to pre-release it. I dunno if it was a smart move, so please bear with me. However this way I can change things as I do them...

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oh, one more thing.

On my site, I will be posting CONCEPTS aswell.

So if you think you have a redesign for an NBA team, lemme know, show me it, and i might end up putting it on.

Of course, I would put your name if you wanted to. Just to add more to the site.


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I would suggest that when a visitor clicks logo to enlarge it, that it either opens in a pop-up or new window. Surfers don't like using their back button...

It's a very clean site and you have room to grow and refine your skills, but you are certainly on the right track!

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