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4th MAHL team, Valley Forge Freedom


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Friggin' sweet logo - I really like it.

Who's the artist - the style looks familar. Seems that the Wooster Warriors logo is familar too!!!

Ice Miners logo is weak - the Thunder is good, however the Valley Forge & Wooster logos are a cut above!!!

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Not a bad logo, but yet another bad name.

Abstract concepts (and singular nouns to boot) make for lousy sports mascots.

Damn, and here I was going to buy the Yankees and re-name them the Gotham Hypothetical for you!

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So long as I can change the name back in 8-12 years, I'll gladly accept them from you. :D

Okay, but you can only use the pinstripes as a "retro" occasional uniform. For your main uniforms you'll have to stick with the Hypothetical's colours of red, gold, silver, black, white and a slight orange accent.

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