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Photo Wordmark Signatures


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This is the second sig I've done. No explanation necessary. Curious as to what y'all think. Even Patsox. :)






EDIT: I changed the name of the thread because I have 8 different players' sigs up now, not just JJ Putz.

See more below.

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I think it's an interesting idea. But I think the picture is overwhelmed by the "JJ20." I suggest the picture take the whole "canvas" and blur the parts that aren't part of the "JJ20."

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It's a great sig picture, but could work for any player. How about something unique to Putz? If you've been to Safeco, you know how big a part thunder, lightning, and AC/DC play into Putz's appearances. How about some lightning or thunder outlines?

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Interesting idea, I'm echoing epiphanic's idea that there has to be something else ther to help round out the image. You'll have to be careful with what you put in behind it though, if there is too much detail around the letters then the details will be too overwhelming

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Did Patsox just hijack my signature thread while I was driving home from work? :) Just kidding, Pat; actually, I'm impressed with how well the ones you did came out, since I assume you're using Paint.

Thanks for the C&C; I'm gonna play around with some similar ideas tonight, so if anyone who hasn't been serviced by Patsox wants me to do one for 'em, let me know.

EDIT: More new sigs...






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