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4 Australian Super 14s teams + Wallabies

Alphabet Man

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I drew these months ago and they'd been lying around on my computer until I found these today. So the date on them is wrong, I just threw the template over the top.

If these have already been posted, i apologise, they didn't come up in a search.

I wanted to make each team unique and different without being way too over the top, and at the same time returning to some of the teams original designs (Brumbies).



Went back to their traditional designs or what i remember of them, but added the Brumby. When I did these I don't think I knew how to get the gold to work into the Brumby. I think I know how to do that now.



Not sure what I wanted here.



I like this one somewhat

Western Force:


This team is new so have little tradition.



Not sure about this.

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Nice work here Matt. I like how NSW and Qld have bery simplistic colour schemes which are still identifiable. The Wallablies obviously look plenty better than their new kits (they're nice and simple, regardless).

Just two things. If you are modelling the traditional Brumbies kit, it has an entirely blue yoke down to the top of the gold stripes. I also thing that the Force should incorporate a little more gold so it feels more like WA. Maybe change the numbers and collar to gold and add a gold strip into the top of the socks.

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I remember now.

Brumbies.... I was going for traditional, but at the same time updating it a tad, which is why the yoke is pretty much kept to the sleeves, depending on how its cut.

Force.... annoyed me a little if I remember well enough, I was trying stripes and hoops, but i'm not sure why i settled for this one. I might add gold to it tomorrow.

Thanks mate.

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