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Senators quickie set


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Ok, alright, I've been in a really creative groove lately, so heres my hat-trick, three concepts in three days. A triple set for the Ottawa Senators. I Wanted to give all the unifroms a set look, instead of three different. The red isn't intended as an alternate, I just did it to see how the red would look.

No Lurking. Love it, hate, give up while you're ahead, pile it on!

Senators Home

Senators Road

Senators Home in Red

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My main beef is that the cuffs are way too long.  I have that same beef with the black alternate jersey they have now, but it isn't as severe and I can live with it.  The only way you can get away with a cuff that big is if the numbers are placed in them, and even then, it must follow the rule of having a stripe either behind them or under them.  Like the Sens white jersey.  Try one or the other.

I'm also not buying into the striping scheme of red then gold then black.  The way I see it, whenever the gold is used on the Sens uniforms, it must be surrounded on both sides by the same color, like it is in the logo (although it doesn't have to be black like the logo, it can be red like in the alternate).

--Roger "Time?" Clemente.

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