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Cleveland Brown's Hockey Concept


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What the deuce!?!?!

Funny thing actually because I had an idea the other day for a Hockey team based on Family Guy. You know when Lois becomes director for the dramatics group? Theyre called the Quahog Players and I thought that sounded pretty cool!! I havent started it yet but should be fun!!


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Hahahaha that's freakin' awesome! :D

I believe you mean, "Hahahaha that's freakin' sweet! :D" It was close, but I beleive thats how Peter Would say it. And for the record, my vote would have been for the Peterland Griffins, but the gay bar down by the airport already took that.

As a fan of the show untill recently (I have them all on DVD and seen them 1 too many times, and the new ones arent exactly up to par in my opinon) you concept makes me wanna go watch a few epidsoes. Good job!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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