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NFL Concept Series #1: The Arizona Cardinals


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The first team I finished, when coming up with the new concept series, was the Arizona Cardinals.

I wanted to drop the black in their scheme, and use the navy blue they used a few years ago, as well as use the yellow found in their logo, in the beak.

So when I was putting things together, I noticed something that could be a little inspired by the Dolphins, so I decided to roll with it, and you'll see some of those influences.

WIthout further adieu, the first concept in this new series: The Arizona Cardinals.



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Meh. It's not terrible but it isn't doing anything for me.

When people are saying the numbers are 49ers ripoffs, their point is the style more than the font. Obviously, it is the Cards' unique font, but given the similarities in colors between the two teams, it would look strange if the Cards adopted a drop shadow that very closely resembles a division rival, which is essentially what you did.

Adding gold: great idea.

Adding blue: not so great idea. If you wanted to trade out black for navy, and you were going to use the navy sparingly, this might have worked. But there's entirely too much blue on this concept, especially the white monochromes. I see as much blue (socks, collar) as I do red (numbers, pants stripe) on the white monochrome uniform. Relegating the color the team was named for to a co-starring role on the uniform doesn't sound like a good idea - ask the Cincinnati Reds how their dalliance with more black than red uniforms worked out for them.

As has been mentioned, there's a lot of mismatch overall here, which detracts heavily from the look. No red on the socks paired with pants that don't have any blue on them... collars and sleeves not matching... red pants stripe giving way to a white side panel on the white jersey... and so on. The whole thing looks like it wasn't planned out as much as it kinda happened.

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