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Als unleashed their new black jersey


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A good dinner (and beer) just went to waste...

WTF!!!! This is an absolute DISGRACE!!!

And the link says: RED, Blue... Red??? other than the Molson Puke-Port badge, there are NO RED!!!

Als without Red is not right.... Can't wait to see the Dallas Cowboys' Yellow jerseys....


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The Als' black jersey has no reason to exist. The idea is absurd, and the execution will always be lacking. That said, this new black alt is an upgrade over their last couple attempts at creating such an atrocity. In the grand scheme of jerseys, though, this is the equivalent of being punched in the face, where as the past two were more along the lines of someone taking a crap on your face. It's not as bad, sure, but you still don't want it to happen. At least they didn't break out black pants this time.

Anyone know if they're still using the blue alt?

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Quite frankly, the blue alts they had last year were great. Other than the Bombers, the Als have my favorite uni set in the CFL, except when they insist on using a Bills-templated black jersey like this one.

Quelles buffons.

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