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Alabama Tech Yellow Hammers fantasy logo


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It's very ornithologically correct. But not enough to be good. The transistion between the the head and the beak is too flat and the beak isn't pointed enough. It's a nice start but it needs much tweaking. The bird itself also doesn't have that "aggressive" look. If you go into an ornithologically correct direction (ala Baltimore Orioles) that agressive look isn't supremely necessary. If you make it more of a caricature, then you should "mean it up." Either way you go I think this picture is a good reference.

The secondary leaves me flat as well. Mostly because the 'T' overpowers the 'A.' Since the name of the school is Alabama Tech, I think the A should be primary element.

It's a good start. Keep workin'!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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