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Another Minor League Manager Meltdown


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For real entertainment nothing touches minor league baseball.

That's nuts: Minor-league team simply quits

As a player, Wally Backman was always up for a scrap. After his minor league team got into a tussle Friday night, it simply went home. Backman had already been ejected much earlier when his South Georgia Peanuts walked off the field in the seventh inning following a brawl with the Macon Music in the independent South Coast League.


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Hey isn't this the same Wally Backman that got the axe just a couple of days after he was hired to manage the Arizona Diamondbacks because he forgot to inform the team about his arrest record and financial problems?

I thought so.

Yah, heez sew gunna git uh Mager Leeg Basebawl maniger puhzishun!

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