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Did this fantasy logo as a request....


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lose the gray thing that is supposed to represent the train and cars...the rest is REALLY nice, and strong enough to stand alone (not to mention the front of the "train" and the rest of it are drawn from different perspectives) - i'd probably also make the smoke a little smaller and use the same gray that you've used in the front of the train

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What Leggman said.

Only things I could add would be a recommendation to make the smoke more compact and "smokey" rather than "Nike swooshy". Just takes up too much space to the left of the logo, so it needs to sit over the logo more to help your E logo really pop. (That E logo, by the way, is awesome.) Then I'd look to add some color. A dark "racing" green, for example, or one of several other colors that you often see on 19th century machinery and wrought-iron architectural elements.

For colors, do an eyedropper on any of these old vintage train engines:




I'd still say lots of black with some gray, but I think even a little bit of color, even as just a highlight, would be fantastic. (Were it me, I'd make the E part of the logo steam-engine green, with black outlines that continue on into the black cowcatcher and smokestack.)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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