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Sharks play 100th game tonight


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Forgive me for doing this, but it is a historic night in the NHL tonight.  The team that (in a way) started the boom for the NHL and logo merchandise, the San Jose Sharks play their 100th game in team history tonight in Glendale, AZ vs. the Coyotes.

What has happened since?

* Eight more teams added:

1992-93: Ottawa and Tampa Bay

1993-94: Florida and Anaheim

1998-99: Nashville

1999-2000: Atlanta

2000-01: Columbus and Minnesota

*  Four teams moved

1993-94: Minnesota NorthStars to Dallas

(4 years earlier, the NorthStars were on their way to Oakland when the league said no)

1995-96: Quebec to Colorado

1996-97: Winnipeg to Phoenix

1997-98: Hartford to Carolina

2004-05: ???????? to Winnipeg?

Guys add some more if you can

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There was the short lived feud with the IHL regarding the minor league's scooping up leases in potential NHL expansion cities. The NHL retaliated by pulling most of their farm teams out of the I and thus forcing the I to fold.

There was the decision to let NHL players compete in the Olympics.

There was the introduction of the 1 point OTL and the 4 on 4 overtime format.

And I believe that the introduction of the tenth-of-a-second to the official scoreboard clock came since October, 1991.

Congratulations San Jose on your 1000th game as a franchise. I'm pleased to say I've owned your original teal jersey since before you first took the ice.


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Don't forget that great concept that revolutionized the way you watch hockey...FOX Trax.

....blood boiling....try to contain yourself, joel.....AAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH, I HATE YOU FOX!!!!!.....you ruined my enjoyment of televised hockey during that era!

all better now.....whew!

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but yea.. that FOXTraX thing was simply horrendous....

The comet trail and glowing dot were horrible.

But... and I'm going to be lynched, I'm sure... but there were a few useful things about the Foxtrax puck.  The instant speed numbers were what I thought were cool.

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Man I really sick. Some Sharks historian I am! Botching that up! 1000 games not 100. :P Well, now 1001!

Don't forget that great concept that revolutionized the way you watch hockey...FOX Trax.


What? you mean that the inside of a puck ISN'T rubber?who knew? I guess Fox sure as hell didn't  :P  another example of someone trying to fix hockey when it isn't broken...

We've seen the game become much more defense oriented, and the Great Battle of Ontario fued has started.

Dallas and Edmonton meet each year in teh fist round of the playoffs...wel...not this season...

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