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Im just doing another random team re-design and I cant decide between these 2 colourways. I mean I CANT, i've tried to pick one and I just cant. I dont know if this is a finished concept yet, maybe yay, maybe nay....the important thiong right now is which colours? Blue ship, or white ship? Then I can run with it and finish the re-design

Cheers fellas


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I think I like the option on the right better. Maybe it would be clearer to see how each of them would look on a dark background. Depending on how you treat each of them, it could clarify which one you like better.

I know what u mean...

I looked at them about 20 minutes ago and decided on the blue ship, and ive since decided to use both. White ship on blue jersey, blue ship on white jersey. I think once they're on the shirts they'll look alot better

He hopes....

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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