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Random Team Re-design No7


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Hello!! I've been away designing these for about a week now, I'm really trying to bring a more professional look to things, all using MS Paint! Orginally No7 was going to be the Traverse City Beach Bums, but due to the uniforms looking like a pile of arse, I decided to go back to those and do the Admirals instead

I chose the Admirals because the current cheery lil' skull sucks. I cant think why they changed it to that and im more baffled about the colour change. So I went back to the old blue/maroon/white colours and decided I'd design a battle ship. Secondary logo is supposed to tie in with the primary, and still be quite simple, as I wanted it as a shoulder patch as well.

Home / away jerseys, I wanted something different, but not too different, so I just let the wavy line tool do its thing until something inspired me. I wanted a contrasting look for the alternate, so went with straight lines and basic design. The 'A' shoulder patch is there in place of what was a battleship patch, but it didnt sit well on the shirt.

Im really trying to improve my concepts and I think I'm getting there. My aim is to be the Master of Paint :D

C&C would be greatfully received





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First off, I totally agree with you about the Ad's latest logo/color set.

I love the return to blue/maroon/white and the striping pattern on the jerseys.

I think for the primary logo, I know you have the guns and everything, but I'm still getting a Royal Caribbean feel. Maybe a few sharper edges would give it a more battleship feel?

I'm digging the secondary logo and the script.

Nice job

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The only thing I'm not feelin' about this is your primary logo. It looks way too corporate to be a hockey logo. That said, it still beats the hell outta that pee-wee roller hockey skeleton they're using now. Definite upgrade.

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I don't know what you guys are talking about.

I love the happy skeleton.

This would be a major downgrade IMO.

The home & away ones look okay. Those colours are a bit overused for hockey.

The logo could use more than one colour.

But all things considered... you're getting pretty good with paint.

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Closer, but still too much like a cruise ship. Still, I think you're on the right track.

FWIW, I'm an Ads fan who loves the current scheme and don't want to see them change. But I like what you're doing here.

The wave pattern is just subtle enough to be okay. Don't try to copy the seasick numbers that the Islanders used, though.

EDIT: Did you change the wave pattern? Don't like the red.

Watch out as well for getting to close to the Norfolk Admirals.

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