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Ottawa Senators Logos


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Hiya. I have noticed that there are many mixed opinions about the Ottawa Senators' logo(s). So, I have created two logos for the Sens. These were made on Paint, so they are not too great. But I would love to hear everyones feedback on them and how they could improve.

My first logo is somewhat based on the primary Ottawa Sens logo. As you have noticed, I have made many changes including a change in the profile, and made the logo face from right to left. I think it is an OK logo, but I'd like to know how it can improve.


My second logo is somewhat based on the Sens 3/4 face logo. I know many people do not like that logo, but I think this logo is stronger than my first.


Thanks for the feedback!

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The forward-facing logo is a dead ringer for Paul Stanley from KISS.

And the plumage is going from side to side, instead of front to back like it should. Right now, it resembles Montezuma more than a Roman soldier.

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