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San Jose Sharks


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I like it, for the most part. The problem is (and it's not your fault) the ****ing orange. It makes your good concept look crappy. Just for proof, go back into whatever program you use to edit and change all the orange to the old silver... it looks by and far better. Adding orange to their color scheme (as in, on the uniforms) might end up being the dumbest thing ever.

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Not bad, but I really don't want to entertain the thought of teal pants. Eww.
Good job! Nice solid clean concept. Just get rid of the teal shorts.

Whats wrong with the teal pants? I like them.

maz- These are really good. I'd like to see it if you used silver instead of orange. I know its not the colors, but IMO it would be 100 times better.

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To elaborate:

1. Personally, I like the orange, but if yinz want silver, yinz get silver.

2. I made the teal shorts to match the shoulder colors of the white jersey. Black shorts with that Jersey would look just weird if the uni was real IMO.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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