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Pacman headed for the 6-sided ring during NFL suspension?


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No I am not making this up...

Wrestling program contacts Pacman; Suspended Titans probably won't enter ring, though

Pacman Jones might be suspended from the NFL, but no one said anything about pro wrestling.


The latest twist in the soap opera involving Jones looks like it will include the controversial Titans cornerback being involved in professional wrestling. Doing flips off the ropes to pin an opponent or even taking part in the action probably won't be a part of his role, however, his attorney said Sunday night.

Worrick Robinson, who represents Jones, said his client has been approached by Total Nonstop Action Wrestling "to participate in their line of entertainment.''


Could have Jones and his handlers found a off-the-field exercise with any worse scandal and recently marrred public image?

The Young Hollywood Starlet Driving School and Week-end Rehab Clinic?

Georgia-Virgina Sportsmen's Canine Rescue & Humane Society?

The NBA "How to Win Friends and Influence Games" symposium?

Supposed the folks over at TNA were trying to keep it under wraps until a Tuesday news conference/release posibly in conjuction with a USA Today article, which now has a blog entry pointing out an ugly irony should this come to fruition. The Vegas strip club event left a former pro-wrestler paralysed. Jones' agent is quite simply an idiot.

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