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Some fun little NHL concepts


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Canucks - Something simple. Green and blue with V shaped shoulder stripes.

Hurricanes - A bit experimental. It's got that 'EDGE' type feel to it.

Stars - Whipped up a new crest with a wordmark and placed it on some retro styled jersey. (I heard rumors they are doing something like this?)

Avalanche - I've seen people using the light/dark blue scheme for them before and I really like it. So I used that here.

Kings - An update of a Kings I did a while back, but in their old colors.

Preds - Another update of an old concept, but I switched the colors and logo.

Thrashers - Ditched the light blue and went full force with the 'arrow' striping pattern.

Panthers - Another update of mine, but I went with a red home jersey and I put the leaping Panther back on the front.

Sabres - I used js' (I think) buffalo and s sword logo that I got in a vector pack a while ago. I just wanted something classy yet modern for these pour souls who got stuck with the slug.

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The third jersey for the Avs would look horrible laid out on an actual uniform, since the sash isn't actually a sash - it needs to be flipped on the back of the jersey.

Yeah whoops. I can't believe I just noticed that. It's definitely supposed to be one.

I noticed another mistake: On the Thrashers jerseys, the arrows on the back point up while they should point down. I must be sloppy tonight. So please, ignore my sloppiness and try to see them for what they really are :(.

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I've always liked the light (baby) blue in the avs concepts myself, great work all around, but the Preds logo sticks out the most I think.

It's like you slapped nashville and said "this is how it should be done"

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The Canucks jersey is great, I wouldnt mind seeing them wear those.

Carolinas are alright but Im not a fan of the jersey design, too much black.

Not a fan of the Stars concept either, reminds me of the London Knights and the green seems "off"

I like Colorados but its just a simple recolouring of their current set.

The Kings set looks good but the purple and black they use now is growing on me.

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Holy crap... a Carolina concept with true hurricane flags (2 flags = hurricane; 1 flag = tropical storm). That in itself makes it a worthy concept. Plus, I really like the templates and the way you set it all up. Oh yeah... great work too....

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out of all of them, honestly, the best one is the thrashers probably with the Kings in second. That thrasher one i would buy though it does have a sorta hidden rebel flag look to it. not that is bad or anything just something i kinda picked up on when i saw it.

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