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Wisconsin Badgers Concept


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I was trying to accomplish a few goals here. First, I wanted to make them look as little like Nebraska as possible while still staying true to their identity. And I wanted to get rid of all traces of black (which on the football unis was only the shadow on the motion W).

The number I used for the font is the same that the basketball team uses. I also wasn't able to put numbers on the sleeves because I don't have the software to make it look decent, so just imagine the TV numbers.

Anyway, y'all know what to do...


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TV numbers on the sleeves or shoulders? Regardless, this is a great concept. Unfortunately, I think this concept lends itself to looking like Nebraska. Maybe put a W on the pants?

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I think one way to de-Nebraska-fy is to no longer have two stripes on the sleeves. Nebraska's are thicker, but you can't tell which is which with the really poor replicas. I guess the way to go is one of the following:

1. Stripeless

2. One stripe on the elastic

3. Michigan state style stripes (thin, thick, thin)

4. Sleeve logo

I am a block number lover and don't want to see the puffy addidas hoops numbers here.

I would like to see the numbers be White-on-Red-on-White. That would de-Nebraska them. Also, a red helmet would do so, though I so love the current helmet.

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As an alum (as long as we're tossing out the alum card) ...

(1) I'd prefer the Cardinal color (see HERE). They're (and you're) currently using Ohio State-like scarlet, which is too light.

(2) I don't think the arm stripes work, because I don't think arm stripes work with the two-inch-long sleeve. I'd either put the stripe on the cuff, or go with an alternating-color cuff (see previous reference).

(3) Going to the latter in #2 would allow you to reduce to one stripe (see previous reference).

(4) I prefer numbers on the shoulders, but those have bad vibes in Buckyland, so they should go on the sleeves.

(5) "Wisconsin" probably should be larger. And I like the basketball numbers.

(6) Your concept is missing a pair of red pants.

(7) All-red socks? No.

These ideas combined might look something like below, but don't let that stop you:


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