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Hey everyone,

I'm a long-time, avid reader of the site and I've rarely ever posted. My roommate and I have been designing concepts for a while, but recently decided we'd try to make a few for family businesses and the like. Here are my first few logos, and I'd love to hear some C&C from you. Thanks!




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I like the tobacco town tuners logo - though I'm not really sure what they do. The Florida Luxury Cars logos are decent, but they say more "florida" than "luxury cars". I think you're going too much for the city influence rather than paying attention to the industry. My suggestion would be to do some research into these business' competition both locally and in the industries they are apart of on a larger scale. A good logo represents what the company does, believes in, or has a strong iconic tie with. Again, I would search imagery and iconography relevant to the industry first, playing on the local images as a secondary motif. The typography in the first logo is nice, but again, the luxury car logo text does not say luxury car to me. I like the idea of combining the FLC initials, but again, I would search for logos within the auto industry that are luxury cars, or other luxury products & services (such as hotels) and how they treat the same idea.

Much of design is involved with research, in order to best represent your client's business, in an all around fashion, meaning what they do as a company, and embody their beliefs and principals as well. Try spending some time at LogoLounge, Brands of the World, and Logo Pond - you may get some inspiration, both thematically and stylistically.

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