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Bring out your first concept


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If only I had mine. I'll try to describe it...

It was a Dallas Cowboys hockey x-over.


Navy jersey/pants

Star logo on front

Silver chest piping that lined up with the logo points, going horizontal

Shoulder logo was old cowboy-on-horse logo


Silver jersey (I believe)

Rest was same as home

Ah, the memories. The next three concepts were shot down like, well, most of Patsox' stuff.

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I think most people, unless they're relatively new to concept-a-lizing(? lol) will say the same thing that I will (and someone else in this thread has) that I don't have it any more. Jeez, I remember when I was like 11 or 12 (25 now) drawing baseball uniforms, so that'd technically be my first. My first ever digital design was so long ago it's either been lost or deleted.

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I think I deleted my first "digitalized" concept. But like someone else said I started doing concepts on paper when i was younger. I was 8 and I had my own basketball league(with rosters and everything!) and I made some jerseys. I also did the local HS teams as well.

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this was actually my second...i can't find the image for my first uniform concept, although i liked it better because it used an original logo (although the logo wasn't very good) - this was for a fantasy baseball team...the away and alt's are missing, as well

and here is the first original logo that i made digital...wow...that's HORRIBLE :)


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Guest darkpiranha

Fantastic idea for a thread. All I have at the moment is an old fantasy football logo I did for myself. I might post it again.

But along these same lines, has anyone just created threads for "Show us your best Vancouver Canucks concept" thread, or Dallas Cowboys or whatever?

I think that would be a lot of fun as well.

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Ive been drawing jerseys and logos for as long as I can remember.

I dont even have most concepts I made within the past year because they were either 1. bad(in my opinon, only recently have I become any good at making concepts) and/or 2. taking up space... so my firsts simply no longer exist. I can remember the first three I posted here, though:

FIrst one ever was an entry to the University Outbreak tournament we had here 2 years ago. Put simply, it was crappy and plain.

Second was a Pitt basketball jersey. Saved in jpg, and very patsoxish (sloppy, uninspired simple design)

Third was a Pitt hockey one. Basically all I did was color in sections of RC's template, didnt bother to remove the template lines, and slapped on a logo. Also saved in .jpg

Then as the days went by I learned from the people here about saving in png and such, and can make some pretty good stuff now if I do say so myself.

this also inspired me to go look back on my old posts. Man I used to be such a n00b. It is, though, intresting to see how I have changed leading up to my second anniversary of joining this place... which is tomorrow.

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When I was new here, JHCX42 or whatever his name was wanted all 30 MLB teams made into football concepts. So I made a couple. Some of them were really good. Just not mine. My first one was a Braves, but I can't find it. The second one was a D-Rays.


I should dig that thread up and finish the others.

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