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NFL uniforms and alts


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I've decided to go a team at a time instead of a conference at a time. I'll redo the AFC West into individual teams.

I've also done this set with the regular helmet and an alternate helmet (which the Steelers will wear this year). If

Major League Baseball can wear alternate helmets and caps then football should too.




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I could go with any one of the black helmet options. The yellow/black/yellow and yellow/black/black would be tougher to swallow, but I could do it if I had to.

If I were starting my own branding company, the first thing I'd do would be getting you on my staff. :upside:

Looks good...


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as a Browns fan, I automaticly hate the Steelers, but some these look good......the yellow helmet is ok.....the sets with the yellow jersey are not ok.......don't know if white pants would work with the Steelers.....I do like the black helmet, white jersey and black pants combo.....can wait to see what you do with the Browns

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All these options are fun to look at. I actually like all the combinations with the yellow helmet. My favorite is either the yellow/black/yellow or the current uniform. I'd like to see what some other teams look like.

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Yellow helmets look awful.

Black helmets for all the designs look great.

how about a white helmet with white jersey and black pants?

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