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Washington Capitals


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Well, here is part two of my "Redesigning the Redesigns" series.

First one: San Jose Sharks

Now, here are the Washington Capitals

Nothing to say except I went old school. And used primarily blue as opposed to primarily red.


Next team: Nashville Predators

C&C Please

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It does look alot like the Blue Jackets... however, the Blue Jackets ripped off that look from team USA.

So Washington being the capital, they should have priority on stealing team USA's style. And Columbus... who cares, maybe Jim Ballsillie will buy them.

I really like your design cause it's simple... maybe add some more stars like that first guy said (you know... classic Capitals style).

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I see this concept and I think Oshawa Generals.

Very classic/old school style. Nothing wrong with that!

My only advise it to fill the white lines on the sleeves and bottom of the blue jersey in blue, I have a feeling that'd look alot better.

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