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2007-2008 NHL Logos & Uniforms


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I like everything but the wordmark... it's not horrible, but just makes the jersey look busy. One question, why would you have the city name on the home jersey?

Because most of the people in Vancouver are too high to know exactly where they are for certain?

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you can actually see the white of the C just above the VE. it's covered by the mic.

this is a pretty good jersey without the wordmark, but awful with it. i was hoping, when i saw one of those supposed leaks, that it would come with a very small CANUCKS or VANCOUVER right below the collar, somewhat like the CFL jerseys.

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I think it would be OK if not for the wordmark. The wordmark just sticks out like a sore thumb. It single-handedly ruins it for me.

I've never liked the rink/stick logo, but the updated one is a bit better.

I would like a bit of green on the logo as well.

what is better about it? the fans love the old one. What is so better about a cartoon version of it? It's purely an excuse to market a new logo on a bunch of tshirts or whatever. There's no vision with this update.

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Well, my Original Six theory has been shot, cut up, and buried in the desert under the full moon. Thank God.

At first, I liked it. Then I thought the wordmark was overkill, then the numbers looked f'ing stupid. They ALMOST had it, but they let it slip away. This could've been a thing of beauty, but they tried to do too much.

Overall, a definite upgrade, but falls short of its potential. It's a shame, really.

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