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Here, I have about 30 designs, so enjoy!

The Yahoo! P...  (bottom left) has no designs just a picture of me so ignore that.

*For those who are not familiar with the soccer teams in the Soccer Design section, they are old Major Indoor Soccer League teams and some aer old NASL teams.

Please give me your comments !

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I like your hockey ones!  The Sharks home is TOO white.  But nice none the less. The road Oilers I love!  But the Edmonton home logo...good idea, but it just doesn't work.  Keep the ideas going!  Sweet new looks!
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Mmmm... fresh meat. Good stuff you got there, and as usual, I've got suggestions. First, though, how do I view the large size of those? Or is the image that's as wide as the "Buy Gifts" button above as big as it gets? Some more detail would be nice. OIh, and I'm still stuck in my ways of calling the white/light jersey the 'home' jersey, so don't confuse it...

San Jose: The away San Jose jersey is probably my favourite of yours. The home jersey's alright, but those side panels need a different colour to set them apart. Perhaps add silver side panels to that one too? The away fin logo is a great secondary logo that could work on the front of a jersey in a large format, but IMO, it's almost too simple. In response to that very unique stripe/side panel design: Either have the design angle in at the top or at the bottom. Both makes it look too much like a bib. The teal helmet doesn't work, but what font are those numbers and letters? I'm officially a fan of those...

Edmonton: Oooo... gotta disagree with you on these ones. On the away jersey, the plain Oildrop is an interesting idea, but for it to be a jersey logo, it has got to be bigger, and escape being overlooked as a small variation in the striping pattern. The numbers and letters also need a white outline to bring them out more, as they can easily be lost in such a dark jersey. On the home front, keep the Oilers text in that logo: it sizes better to fit the space, and that logo has seen a lot as the defining piece of Edmonton hockey history. Oh, and leave the white unicolour outfits (the white jersey and white pants) to the NFL. It doesn't work in the NHL. Good font selection again, though...

Chicago: I think most will agree that this is your weakest design. I don't know what's up with that striping pattern, but for one, it isn't regular enough, and two, how does it relate? The away jersey needs white to separate the black and dark red, especially around the numbers and letters, but also around the logo, and almost anywhere where you want the transition from black to dark red to be noticed. The home jersey is better, as it drops the different coloured sleeves, but that striping pattern would have to look a whole lot more professional for me to even consider it. No offense meant. Note that the cuff of the sleeve design, if it is to theoretically go around the whole cuff, should be jagged from bottom to top. The number on the back could be a smidge taller, but I could see how you want to be different by making them squashed like that... that one's a judgement call. Last, but not least in any way, those abominations of two-tone pants should be cut up into long strips to help ease the world's toilet paper shortage. No joke.

Toronto: An interesting Make-Beliefs concept to be sure... I'd probably have to see that interesting striping pattern in real life (or in, say, NHL 2003) to form an opinion on it. I think the away jersey should have some consistency in the colour of the numbers (the sleeve numbers should be smaller versions of the back number), and the back number has one outline too many. The home jersey is nice... again, I don't know about the jersey design without seeing it worn, but it looks half decent from my angle. The only thing I can see is that whole mess of angles that is (I'm guessing) a variation on the Make-Beliefs 'TML' logo. The one they've got is better than that. It looks like a road sign. A very confusing road sign that would cause more trouble than it would ease, but a road sign nonetheless.

Manitoba: If I'm a bit picky on this one, forgive me, I'm a little touchy about what might end up in my backyard. I see you've added some white outlines to the dark portions of the jersey, but quite frankly, that's like trying to light our old barn of a hockey rink with a couple of flashlights and a Glade Candle Scent. You correctly used a light logo on a dark jersey in your Toronto file, you've got to do the same thing here. The only thing the outline does is make the logo look like the silhouette of a fat winged angel holding a torch. The pants are no good either. Think about it for a moment... the way the silver side panels angle down the jersey, and the way the silver side panels angle up the side of the pants, where would they cross? The numbers' and letters' shadows do not give them enough contrast to be visible from section G, row 33, and as much as I can't see the details of the Moose in the logo, I do know that it looks like he's smiling. Oh, and your filename is Manitoba Moos.jpg? Moos are conversations with cows. But that's just nitpicking.

Don't get me wrong, Evan. You have some incredible ideas in that mind of yours. Keep showing us them. These hockey ideas of yours are a testimony to your willingness to break rules, and try new things. I hope my criticism has been constructive, and that my lame attempts at humour have not affected your desire or ability to do something different. Good work, and keep it up.

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