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College Rivalry Logos


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Does anyone know what schools have rivalry specific logos. I recently ran across a logo for the "Rio Grande Rivalry" for New Mexico and New Mexico State:


and AUburn and Alabama have been using an Iron Bowl Logo for quite some time:


with the schools flipping depending on who the home team is.

Any others you can think of/have?


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What about the Beehive Bowl? BYU VS. Utah.

The Beehive Bowl, since when did it become that? It's always been the Holy War. Besides Beehive Bowl sounds ridiculous.

Yeah It's always been the Holy War, though I haven't seen any logo for it. Surely someone can come up with something clever. Dark clound looking over the mountain with the Y with the SLC temple down below. A cougar on one side and a Ute warrior on the other. Of course utilization of the "U" and the "Y", the name "Holy War" and the phrase "This is the place" might be appropriate. Just thoughts though...

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I'm probably biased, but I've always loved the Bedlam Series logo for how it symbolizes the Oklahoma/Oklahoma State rivalry without following the usual "Title sponsor + Wordmark + School logos/helmets = logo" formula.

Here's the old Red River Shootout logo before the name was changed to something more politically correct...


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