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Air Force Falcons new uniforms


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The best picture I could find from yesterday's media day. Sorry for the pic being small.


went with silver pants with a small lightning bolt at the top.

New Uniforms

Air Force's uniforms for the 2007 season will have less stripes, with a basic blue jersey and solid silver pants with a small lightning bolt at the top. The jersey will feature a patch with the number of a deployed Air Force unit.

Calhoun said the helmet would feature the usual blue lightning bolt.

"Our uniforms will be a little bit more comfortable and a hair lighter than last year," Calhoun said. "We wanted to make sure the lightning bolt was on the helmet. That's Air Force football."

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Apparently nobody realized that, in switching fonts, the "Air Force" on the front is rendered nearly illegible from a short distance. Last year's were better, and not just because I love the "5" Nike uses for that block font.

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Bigger photo:


I liked last year's better when they didn't have the generic Nike piping. They only wore those for one season.

Last year's:


Air Force has always had my favorite football unis.

Last years were far better...Definitely a downgrade.

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