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My First Non-Sports Logo


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A fellow board member contacted me about doing a logo for his band. It is a modern rock band called White Noise. Since all I have done is sports logos, I thought the experience of something else would only benefit me, so I said I would try it. The jagged line represents white noise, when captured on an electronic device. Because it is a rock band, I used a font with sharp, jagged edges. I tried to give the effect of the wordmark and logo shaking, as if the noise was shaking them. It is a pretty simple logo, but it is my first outside of fantasy logos, so I was hoping for some feedback. Let me know what you think.


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Yeah, I'd seriously focus on having the soundwave represent a "WN". I believe it'd be pretty easy, seeing as those letters are uh, more "straight line oriented" than others.

That'd open up alot of great oppurtunities.

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