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Well I decided to get rid of all the black and just use blue and gold.

The Blues don't use black--they use royal blue, navy blue, and yellow gold.

I wouldn't call it an improvement on what they have (since I love their current look a ton), but it's decent. Definite props for the return of the trumpet logo, though I can't see it on just one shoulder. The shoulder striping on the white jersey looks awkward, really--it's like you started to go old-school stripey, then remembered you wanted to have a shoulder logo. The blue jersey's shoulders look very empty with the sparse striping.

It's a start, but I think it needs more cowbell.

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thanks I'll update tomorrow sometime. Your right, it's dark navy and not black. My mistake.

Alright I can't sleep. I'm not quite sure what you meant about me going vintage and then deciding to throw in the trumpet logo, so I left the trumpet off the edited home jersey, and decided to go ahead and use navy because it makes it look less boring, and brings it together.



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