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Pelham Plumbers


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In what has become a yearly tradition, I am designing logos for my fantasy baseball team, called the Pelham Plumbers. A few things I wanted to note:

-I know the logos don't have a "Plumber" feel, but I couldn't really incorporate it. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

-The other thing that I think needs some change is the cap logo. I tried to fit it in but....

-Lastly, the secondary logo is pretty bad, so any help with that would be appreciated.


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Nice literal use of the font "Plumbers Gothic". The name has limitless potential. Run away with it. pipes, plungers, wrenches, manhole covers..... you have a primary, alternate and third just waiting. maybe homeplate with the waffle texture of the manhole cover. a baseball squeezed by a plumbers wrench, crossed pipes. man, i want to do a plumbers concept now. And why not use that plumbers gothic P for your lettermark, possibly sheared slightly to the right. i love that font and have been using it way to much lately. good idea, just let you imagination run wild.

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