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Madden 2008: Saints In Gold Pants & No Stripes?


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I'm guessing many of you have caught the Madden '08 commercial with Reggie Bush running over the Falcons (nice job by the way) and so I asked myself...Are the Saints, going to be wearing their gold pants like the black one's of '07 with just their logo on the hip? Now I know Madden is notorious for putting in the wrong uniforms since forever but I would think that the Saints would have approved the commercial and caught the mess up if any! I really don't pay that much attention to what they wear in training camp since their practic uni's seem to never change but it made me look in the paper today and they are wearing their game day pants which wouldn't seem out of the question unless they were not going to use them this year! Your thoughts...

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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