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Pittsburgh Penguins Logo: Update/Minor Tweak


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Might as well just create a thread to see what others think...

So things i am going to update:


Hockey Tape on the blade

The butt end tape



Things i added/changed:

Obviously the colour back to the old school yellow

The eyes, a little meaner, without the cartoony WBS logo eyes

Emperor Penguin yellow mark, like the robo-pigeon once had.

I'll update it when i get a little better with my illustrator execution and i haven't posted a concept in a long time but here goes, figured might as well stop talking about it and start trying to show what i want changed since there will be tweaks according to various people. I wanted to make the logo more updated, its a lil choppy when you look closely at the original logo, i didn't like that eventhough i love the team.

C&C is appreciated..any other changes i should make, please suggest them.


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I dont really like them.

Not because I think they shouldnt change thier logo at all, it just doesnt seem right.

The eyes look more fancy than mean to me. Make them less curly. And hte emporor penguin yellow mark is not quite right. On a real penguin it gues up onthe neck alittle more. See the penguins mascots: http://www.pittsburghhockey.net/PensPages/...ts/mascots.html

However, considering the rumored "tweaks" people mean they probably mean very minor ones... such as the ones done throughout the skating penguin logo history:


The old skating penguins look meaner than the current. Perhaps try to emulate the eyes after theirs?

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Actually with the emperor penguins, if you google images...the yellow mark is up by the neck and on the stomach, it's just the yellow mark in general that distinguishes the emperor penguins from the other ones. The eye i just added more of a brow to, to make it a little meaner.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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